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The Importance of Regular Sleep for the Elderly

The Importance of Regular Sleep for the Elderly

Sleep is important for all, especially for the elderly. Sleep is responsible for many aspects of our health, from our energy levels to the state of our mental health. In order to maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, it is important to get regular sleep on a daily basis. Here is why this is so important:

  • Alzheimer’s and other types of Dementia: Not getting enough sleep can actually increase your risk of serious mental conditions. These are conditions affect your memory and they can also be terminal. If you want to make sure you can reduce your risk of these serious health conditions, there are many things you can do but the most basic and effective is through regular sleep.

    The reason why you will need to get sleep on a regular basis is due to the build-up of toxins in your brain. These toxins will gradually accumulate the longer you are awake. This is dangerous because these toxins can damage the frontal lobe of your brain. This is the part of the brain responsible for learning and storing memories. If the frontal lobe suffers enough damage, this is when you will begin experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s. However, a good night sleep is all it takes to help flush out these toxins.

  • Cancer: The same toxins that cause the deterioration of the frontal lobe can also cause cancer. The toxins in your brain can attack the cells in your body. This is dangerous because damaged cells could mutate into cancer cells. So without proper amounts of sleep on a regular basis, you are putting yourself at an elevated risk for cancer. However, when you sleep, your body produces melatonin. Melatonin has antioxidant properties that are known for protecting your cells against damage.

  • Less Stress: Getting more sleep on a regular basis can also help reduce your stress. You will wake up feeling refreshed and more energetic. Without enough sleep, you may wake up tired or even in a bad mood, which can contribute to increased levels of stress. To ensure you can sleep properly, you can count on 24 Hours Care to provide the personalized In-Home Care in Newton MA that you deserve to get the rest you need.

Those are a few of the many reasons why it is so crucial to get the proper amount of sleep, especially as a senior citizen. Through our Home Care Services and our Home Health Care Services we can help you get proper rest on a daily basis, so you can continue living the lifestyle you love.

What Do You Really Mean by Independent Senior Living?

What Do You Really Mean by Independent Senior Living?

We have been trained all our lives to do things on our own. When we were babies our parents would teach us how to do the basic things for us to be independent when we grow up. Eventually, we do the same things to our own kids. Can you imagine if all of this independence will be taken away from us by aging?

As we age, our actions may be limited. We might have to abstain from eating our favorite sweets because it could cause our blood sugar to go up. We may have to avoid doing strenuous workouts because it can strain the muscle. At 24 Hours Care, In-Home Care in Newton MA, our main goal is promoting seniors’ independence.

What do we exactly mean by independent senior living?

It generally means giving the seniors the chance to be on their own despite aging. For seniors, it is an achievement to be able to stand on their own during their golden years. This means they can prepare their own meal, clean the house, regularly take medication, and live life to the fullest without any help.

However, let’s admit that over time, we would need someone to look after us. Not because we are weak, but because our health requires a different level of care. Thus, it is important that we get a personal caregiver who can provide our basic needs. This does not mean that we are overtaking your seniors’ lives. We just want to make sure that they are living comfortably.

A typical day at 24 Hours Care, a trusted name in Home Health Care Services, we would often prepare a care plan that is responsive to the needs of the patient. If our job is just to assist in doing light housekeeping, meal preparation, or even just reminding them of their medication, we make sure that we are able to serve them better.

Letting our seniors feel that they are not totally impaired from doing what they are used to is important. It does not only keep them healthy but it makes them emotionally positive as well.

For more information about our home care services and caregivers, you can check our website at or call us at 617-792-0500.

How Can Your Diet Keep You Healthy at an Advanced Age?


If you are interested in maintaining your youth as you grow older, there are many things you can actually do, such as exercise. However, one of the most effective methods that you can do without ever leaving the comfort of your home is to improve your diet. Eating healthier food is extremely important if you want to improve your lifestyle. 24 Hours Care is a provider of in home care in Newton, MA that can even help improve your diet!

Through our home care services, we can help you improve your health by doing your grocery shopping and preparing your meals. This means we can get healthy ingredients to cook food that is not only delicious but very nutritious as well. This alone can help you feel younger and better than ever!

Eating right has many benefits. Two of the most evident are:

  • An Improved Immune System: One of the main reasons why you will want to improve your diet is to improve your immune system. Eating right will not only make it harder for you to fall ill to common diseases such as the flu or the cold, but it can also protect you against very serious health conditions like cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart disease, stroke, heart attack, and more. This reason alone is more than enough to consider changing your diet!

  • The Feeling of Being Younger: Another reason why you will want to improve your diet is because it can help you feel and look younger. The reason behind this is because when you switch out junk food and replace it with healthier alternatives, you are providing your body with better fuel. Just like how a car runs better on cleaner gasoline, your bodies will work better on healthier food. You will have much more energy, you will feel stronger, your mind will feel sharper, and you will even feel happier.

A good diet can change your life for the better, which is why it is so important to consider healthier alternatives the next time you sit down for a meal. Through our professional home health care services, we can make eating right as convenient as possible. Allow us to help you live a better life today by visiting our website at Helping you maintain a balanced diet is part of our responsibility as your care providers. We look forward to caring for you soon.

Healthy Hobbies for Retirees

Healthy Hobbies for Retirees

A healthy mind and body is the secret to a long life. When we keep ourselves busy every day, our brain works consistently so it would take time before it gets dull. Also, our bones and muscles feel strong whenever we always use them.

But how do we keep our mind and body active? Here are some of the hobbies which 24 Hours Care, provider of In Home Care in Newton MA, suggests we engage in.

  1. Traveling.

    Visiting and exploring new places can make us feel relaxed and satisfied. It gives our minds a break from all problems at home or at work. But the best time to travel is after retirement- the time when you do not have work to think about or problems with kids anymore. Besides, traveling abroad does not cost as much as it did before anymore.

  2. Volunteering.

    The most fulfilling activity we could engage into is doing volunteer work in nearby centers or organizations. This activity will not just benefit us but it can also change our lives in a good way. Since we always make our jobs as an excuse why we do not volunteer, we no longer have any escape for not helping our community after we retire.

  3. Cooking.

    Also known for being a therapeutic hobby, cooking will not just fill our souls but also our tummies. We can start with reading cooking books and magazines. Since we would have plenty of time after our retirement day comes, we could experiment and create new recipes. Who knows, we can also transform these experiments into a business.

  4. Gardening.

    Growing plants in our own backyards and even inside our homes could provide us numerous benefits such as encouraging our motor skills, increasing our flexibility, and promoting relaxation. By witnessing a new life turn into something beautiful, our bodies feel positive vibes which keeps it healthy.

  5. Creating arts and doing crafts.

    Although this hobby is more popular to women, some arts and crafts activities could also be pleasing to men like painting, woodworking, and pottery. Other activities such as making jewelry, sewing or quilting, weaving, embroidery, and stitching could be our other options, especially if we already need Home Care Services. We don’t need to worry even if we haven’t tried any of these before because, after retirement, we have a lot of time to learn new things.

  6. Caring for a pet.

    Pets provide a comfort system to their owners. Caring for pets has been shown to help lessen the risk of hypertension and stress levels. So the best time to own pets is when we finally retire from our job. It is the period when we could spend more time tending to our pets while seeing their growth development.

Retirement is the beginning of a new chapter of our lives. Let’s spend our days with fun and enjoyment while maintaining a healthy well-being.

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